Medieval Engineers Deluxe Edition includes:

Support the developers by getting bonus digital content. The Deluxe edition includes the standard Medieval Engineers Early Access game plus the game’s Digital Soundtrack.

The Soundtrack consists of 21 tracks that have a total time of one hour.

Medieval Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and the maintenance of architectural works and mechanical equipment using medieval technology. Players build cities, castles and fortifications; construct mechanical devices and engines; perform landscaping and underground mining.

Medieval Engineers is inspired by real medieval technology and the way people built architectural and mechanical works in medieval times. Medieval Engineers strives to follow the laws of physics and real history and doesn't use technologies that were not available in 5th to 15th century.

Early Access
Medieval Engineers is in its alpha stage of development and will be available soon on Steam Early Access. This means that the game is still under development and will be improved on a regular basis - through updates that add and polish features and content, optimizations and bug fixes.