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Category: Action | Publisher: Topware Interactive | Age Limit: 12+ | Developer: Gaïjin | Release Date: 07/05/2009
Game Description

In order to activate this game, you will require a third-party 'Steam' account. For full details on how to activate please follow this link: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-TFBN-1352

Long, long ago, in an age that only the gods can now remember, the universe was ruled by two powerful beings that were revered and worshipped by all races - but the ‘brotherly' relationship between these two creatures was always in question from the beginning of time. To cut a long story short, they hid two artifacts in a huge Temple.

Any human being who comes in contact with these powerful stones will be horribly cursed - and the power of darkness will once again be awakened. The adventurer Ayumi starts searching for the immensely valuable stones. Powerful forces against which she is helpless threaten to awake in her body. Now it's up to her to discover the secret of the curse - and at last defeat the Dark.

X-BLADES offers action-packed enjoyment in fantastic Hack-and-Slash style. Using various weapons, spells and tactics, the player must fight his way through many indoor and outdoor levels, killing hordes of monsters on the way. The story, exciting and rich in variety with numerous cutscenes not only motivates the player, it also cleverly interlinks
the individual levels.

Offense is the best form of defense!

«Forget the competition - I'll give you all the action you'll ever need! OK... I am a treasure hunter, so my motives maybe aren't always angelic - but my "Slash Dance" through the hordes of the Dark is a thing of beauty!»

- An absorbing fantasy story with spectacular landscapes, animated
graphics and even a breath of romance (tee-hee!).

- Learn to play easily with 4 difficulty modes AND alternative endings
that depend on your actions!

- Innovative Gunblades for long-range and close combat, plus new weapons
and new outfits during the game.

- Role-playing elements in the upgrading of skills and weapons – AND
a demonic special mode for the heroine (that's me!).

- Around 40 magical indoor and outdoor worlds – and more than 25
spells in different categories.

- Over 30 classes of opponents, plus powerful Boss opponents and an
ingenious level design.

Minimum Requirements

Graphic: ATI Radeon 1650 256MB
Graphic: Nvidia GeForce 7600 256MB
Other: DVD drive requirement
Other: 3-buttons mouse
Other: Internet connection required
Other: Keyboard requirement
OS: Windows 7
OS: Windows Vista
OS: Windows 8
OS: Windows XP SP2
CPU: AMD Singlecore
CPU: Intel 2GHz
Memory: 0.512GB
Storage: 3GB
Sound: Sound Card

Recommended Requirements

Other: DVD drive requirement
Other: Keyboard requirement
Other: Internet connection required
Other: 3-buttons mouse
Graphic: Nvidia GeForce 8800 512MB
Graphic: ATI Radeon x3800 512MB
OS: Windows 7
OS: Windows Vista
OS: Windows XP SP2
OS: Windows 8
Storage: 4GB
CPU: AMD Multicore
CPU: Intel 3GHz
Sound: 5.1
Memory: 1GB