Two Worlds II : Pirates of the Flying Fortress DLC (WW)

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Two Worlds II : Pirates of the Flying Fortress DLC

Category: RPG | Publisher: Topware Interactive | Age Limit: 16+ | Developer: Reality Pump | Release Date: 01/03/2012
Game Description

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A pirates’ world filled with confounded corruption
PIRATES of the FLYING FORTRESS is rife with betrayal and bloody intrigue upon the high seas. A band of fame-hungry pirates led by the legendary Captain Ed Teal, have become trapped in a cursed archipelago when their ship ran aground, where they will be damned to remain forever until aided by a hero with a strong back and a (somewhat) loyal disposition. Trust, after all, is no short sale in these cursed islands, especially not for a man tasked with finding the Treasure - an immaterial wealth said to manifest the beholder's wildest dreams.
Plots within plots and schemes within schemes devolve the crew of the Wandering Wrath into mistrust and outright mutiny, and all the while the lives of the islands' innocents hang perilously in the balance. Ed Teal, the ship's notorious Captain, is a man so cruel he is said to have been born without a soul.

A story deeper than the sea itself
As always, things are much more than they seem. Captain Teal recruits the Hero for a personal errand, one allegedly unconnected with the mythical Treasure – to reconnect him with his lost love, a maiden hermit by the name of Maren who is said to inhabit the islands. Yet uninvited eyes are always watching where there is fame and fortune to be had; Cutter and Nicky Nails, the Wrath's second and third in command, have agendas of their own. But more than just scurvy-ridden pirates lie ahead in this expansive tale, whether it’s helping a man face his dangerous inner demons, battling ancient evils in a gothic-themed graveyard, playing music to awaken to the Sleeping Watchman or even assisting the undead.
Trust might be said to be the rarest of all currencies, and none will be found here by any unwilling to shed a little of his own… or a few buckets of blood.

- Singleplayer campaign offers more than 12 hours of gameplay (not including the copious amount of side-quests) in a new, astonishingly beautiful setting

- Captivating story with a non-linear plot and three alternate endings endings depending on the player’s behavior and choices

- The Alchemy system now allows the player, with the correct ingredients of course, to create the ultimate permanent potions

- All-new archipelago opens an unseen part of Antaloor and can be explored either by foot, swimming, by boat or on horseback

- The huge, Multilevel-Dungeon-System impresses with dense atmospheres and a dynamic illumination system based on the latest physics engine

- Over 60 new weapons and new attack techniques offer players a fresh approach to the fighting system

- “The Pirate Guild”, a new NPC group in which players may earn reputation points to gather new unique armor, weapons and accessories

- Powerful horse armor which increases the horse stats and protects the animal
along the hard road of adventure Usage of ladders is another new gameplay element, which allows the player to gain access to places never reached before

- Introduction of Crossbows as compeletly new weapon category with stronger damage values and piercing abilities

- New weather effects such as violent storms and rain (including the occasional
rainbow) make the world more fascinating and believable

- Completely new race: “The Olorums”, which populate this new part of the world and make use of new attack techniques and animations during skirmishes

- Unique Boss encounters, each to be defeated with the use of vastly different tactics and strategies

- Numerous types of distinct monsters such as Fungus, Voodoo-Zombies and Wisps

- 90 minutes of additional atmospherically toned music and a ton of new sound effects

- 4 new Multiplayer maps (Adventure, Cooperative) with additional quests that grant the player another means of long-term entertainment, aside from the Singleplayer campaign

- Creative and amusing side quests with self-confident mushrooms, economical and organized zombies as well as eloping chests

Minimum Requirements

Graphic: Radeon HD 512MB
Graphic: Geforce 8800GT 512MB
OS: Windows 7
OS: Windows Vista
OS: Windows XP SP3
CPU: Intel Singlecore CPU 2.0 GHzGHz
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 8GB
Sound: DirectX comp. Stereo Sound Card

Recommended Requirements

Graphic: Radeon HD 512MB
Graphic: Geforce 8800GT 512MB
OS: Windows XP SP3
OS: Windows 7
OS: Windows Vista
Storage: 8GB
CPU: Intel Multi-Core CPU 2.0 GHzGHz
Sound: DirectX comp. Stereo Sound Card
Memory: 4GB