If you like puzzles and enjoy overcoming obstacles, strategy games are for you! Having their focus on mental abilities, patience and planning, strategy games offer players a chance on testing their strategizing capabilities. 

Being one of the most popular game genres, strategy games vary in style and objectives. Some strategy games require the player to work well with their team or squad in order to win and some strategy games compel the player to rely on their own skills alone. 

An overwhelming majority of strategy games give the player a godlike view of the whole game world, so that they can make changes and adjust their surroundings in accordance with their plans and strategies. Similar to board games, strategy games can be turn based or real time. Moreover, the themes of strategy games vary greatly. You can command your armies and seek world domination, be the ruler of your own state and help your civilization grow, manage a whole city and plan its future, or even be a deity and decide on the fate of your humans. 

There are many subgenres of strategy games including wargames that rely on warfare tactics, turn based tactics (TBT) where you can complete tasks to advance in the game, turn based strategy (TBS) which requires the player to analyse various situations and plan their moves, tower defence games filled with creeps and unique foes, real time tactics (RTT) with an emphasis on micromanagement skills, real time strategy (RTS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), artillery, auto batter and more.

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