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Simulation games (also known as sim games) constitute a very diverse genre of video games. By definition, simulation games aim to create a very realistic experience through simulating real-world activities like racing, managing a city, ruling a country, dating, traveling, driving, and such.

A simulation game allows the player to discover unlimited opportunities and experience a very unique life scenario. In such games, the player is able to improve their various skills like driving, business management, and more. As the player improves, the environment and/or their character changes accordingly.

A simulation game can focus on a sport, a card game, warcraft, business management, city creation, or even the development of an entire civilization. You can be a bus driver, an almighty deity, a powerful ruler, a talented artist, a famous singer, a popular athlete… In other words, you can be whoever you want to be in a simulation game!

There are three distinct types of simulation games: Strategy based simulation games, planning-based simulation games, and learning-based simulation games. In strategy-based simulation games, you get to test your diplomatic intelligence and ability to strategize. You can rule an empire, lead an army and do much more. In planning-based simulation games, the aim is to plan the future, development, and growth of an entity. It can be a hospital, a business, a city, or even an entire civilization. In the learning-based simulation games, you can polish your real-life skills by practicing them in the game.

Below you can find hundreds of unprecedented, fun, and exciting simulation games!