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Role playing video games (also known as the RPG) are very unique in the sense that they often draw their inspiration from legendary role-playing tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, and they offer a captivating experience of an alternative reality. 

In the vast majority of the role playing games, you get to experience the exciting life of an adventurer. Most games allow the player to customize their character, as a result you get to choose your race from a variety of mythical races like dwarfs, elves, humans and more. Also you can choose what your character specializes in, such as melee combats, ranged combats, magic spells and such. 

In role playing games, you embark on a breath taking journey and get to explore vast maps along with vivid environments all the while getting to know new characters. As you play along, you unveil the story line, make important decisions that can potentially affect the course of the story and your character’s development. After completing your missions, most role playing games give you the opportunity to enhance the abilities of your character. As a result, you can adjust your character’s skills to your gaming style and personal taste. 

In our RPG category below, you can find the best role playing games and take a closer look at enchanting realities.