Buckle up, a breath taking racing experience is ahead of you! 

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to be a racer? If so, racing games are here to give you a taste!

From fun and fast paced racing games like Mario Kart to hyper realistic racing simulators like Gran Turismo, racing games offer a wide range of options that aims to answer the needs of different gaming styles. 

If you want to spend good time and enjoy some friendly competition with your friends or gamers from all around the world, you should definitely give kart racing a try! Also known as go-kart racing and cart racing, this unique subgenre is known for its simplified gaming mechanics that turn racing into an enjoyable experience. Kart racers often incorporate various obstacles, unique track designs and vehicular combat mechanism in order to spice up the competition. 

Racing simulators (also known as simulated racing and sim racing) are, on the other hand, aim to provide the most realistic experience possible for the players. Body damage, tire wear, fuel usage, transmission settings, rather challenging car handing and similar features make racing simulators the best option for players that want to experience what driving real cars on the race track feels like. 

In the Racing Games category below, you can find the best kart racing and sim racing games!