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Are you tired of traditional, high budget, hefty games? Would you like to try something different? Are you interested in exploring new horizons and playing much more artistic games? If so, you might love what our Indie game category has to offer! 

The term indie game refers to the games brought to life by either individuals or smaller teams. Often, indie games are created without the support of gigantic budgets and an army of developers. As a result, most indie games have a unique spirit, dominant personality and niche audience. The development process of the indie games provides a greater independence and artistic freedom to the creators, that is why most indie games are famous for their unique atmosphere, characteristic graphics and rare story telling abilities. 

As a genre, indie games are best known for their ability to produce an exclusive gaming experience, focus on innovation and thirst to explore the medium in order to create unprecedented, artistic games. 

Indie games were born in the 1980s and 1990s due to the widespread use of personal computers, and they have been widely popularized during the early years of 2000s as a result of the emergence of online distribution platforms. 

Below you can find hundreds of indie games from the more niche examples to the almost mainstream ones.