How to redeem on Ubisoft Connect

First of all, you will require an Ubisoft Connect account in which you can download its client from here and you can create an account from here

If you already have an account and have downloaded the Ubisoft Connect client, you can skip these steps.

If you have purchased your product on ALLYOUPLAY, only thing you need to do is to:

You will need to go to the Orders page in order to reach your game

1- Click on "Link your account to Ubisoft", this way Ubisoft will know that you are purchasing from an official store.

2- After linking/logging in to your account, you should close the Ubisoft pop-up window.



3- Click on "Activate on Ubisoft" (this will trigger your purchase on Uplay and you will be able to see & download your game on your games library on Uplay) 

If you want to change the linked Ubisoft account, you can do it on this step (NOTE: Linked Ubisoft Connect account cannot be changed after this step!.)


Please make sure that your Uplay account is correct (well, otherwise you wouldn't be able to log into your account but still) before activating your purchase on Uplay.

If you still have questions, you can always send us an e-mail at [email protected]