How to redeem on Steam

How to create a Steam account

In order to activate your game on Steam, you need to download the Steam client and create an account.

You can download the Steam Client here

You can create a Steam account here

Guide to activate your game on Steam


  1. Open your Steam client on your PC 

  2. Log-in to your account with your credentials.

  3. On the program window, you need to click “ADD A GAME” button on the bottom left corner of the window as shown on the screenshot

  1. After clicking the add a game button a small window will appear. There you need to click `Next` and `I agree` buttons.


  1. On the next window, You need to paste your activation code in to the blank space and click next! 


And Done! Your game is added to your account successfully! The Steam client will suggest to you if you want to download the game right away after activation.