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FPS (also known as first-person shooter) is a very popular video game genre that is known for its highly engaging combats, vivid environments and first person perspective. 

The term first person perspective refers to the unique game style that offers the player a chance to experience the game through the eyes of the main character. As a result, first person shooters are known for their engaging nature and fast paced action. 

Sharing many features with both shooter games and action games, first person shooter games can be considered as the subgenre of both. Ever since their emergence back in 1970s, first person shooter games have evolved and changed significantly in terms of graphics and overall gaming experience. Widespread use of 3D graphics and pseudo 3D graphics made first person shooter games considerably more realistic and the environment in these games became more detailed. As the development in personal computers and other gaming devices spiked up, first person shooters started to offer more complex yet smooth gaming engines. As a result, multiplayer gaming and various relatively new features are integral to the most first person shooters.

In our FPS category, you can find unique and fun first person shooter games from different eras!