How to redeem MAGIX products


1. Go to and login to the MAGIX Service Center. If you don’t have a MAGIX account just click on "I don’t have a login and want to sign in". A form will appear, please enter the appropriate information.

If you don’t have a MAGIX account just click on "I don’t have a login and want to sign in". A form will appear, please enter the appropriate information.

2. Once logged in, type your voucher code in the field marked "Voucher code" and click on "Proceed".

An email containing the download link for the installer and your serial number will be sent to the email address associated with your MAGIX account. Check your inbox (spam or junk folder as well) for an incoming email from [email protected].

Double-click on the link to the ".exe" file provided via email to start downloading your application. At the end of the download process, the installation will start automatically.

Once the installation is complete, confirm by clicking "Finish" or "Let’s get started!".


After installation, you will need to activate the software using the serial number you received from [email protected]. The serial number is required when you start the program for the first time, usually, this is at the end of the installation procedure. Enter the number in the activation window under "Serial number" and press "Activate & register immediately online".

XBOX Content - ALLYOUPLAY.COM Users Exclusive Discount

Hello fellow gamers,

Over the next month, all our ALLYOUPLAY.COM loyal users will have the possibility of gaining access to a very exclusive benefit on all our Microsoft/XBOX products! 

Keep a close eye over our next newsletter and know how you can save over Microsoft & XBOX gift cards, XBOX Game Passes, and Memberships. 

We hope all our loyal users enjoy this special dedicated offer!

Stay tuned for more cool stuff!

How to redeem your ALLYOUPLAY code

On this small tutorial we will give you a step-by-step guidance for you to redeem your AYP Key code and activate it on your Uplay account.

      1. After you've obtained your 15-digit ALLYOUPLAY code, please head over to the following link: WWW.ALLYOUPLAY.COM/AYPKEYS.
      2. Proceed to log in with your account details or, if you still do not own an account at, please register a new account on the website.
      3. After successfully logging in to your account, paste the 15-digit code to the respective key field.
      4. If your code is valid, you should now see the "Successful Purchase" screen. Click on your transaction and follow the activation guide for the product you purchased. You can also always check your transaction by clicking "My Account" from the main menu.

If you're having trouble redeeming your game, contact our customer support via [email protected]. Our team will gladly assit you with any issue you might be facing.

How to Redeem a Discount Code



If you have a discount code, this the guide for activation.


1- Select the game you want to purchase and add it to your cart.


2- Go to your cart by clicking the cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen. And click the `Discount Code` link and paste or write your discount code in the respective field. (Do not forget to check the terms and conditions box).



And click `Go to Checkout` button. If the code is applicable, it should be appear like this 

3- Our system should automatically process the order.



Steam Activation Guide

How to create a Steam account

In order to activate your game on Steam, you need to download the Steam client and create an account.

You can download the Steam Client here

You can create a Steam account here

Guide to activate your game on Steam


  1. Open your Steam client on your PC 

  2. Log-in to your account with your credentials.

  3. On the program window you need to click “ADD A GAME” button on the bottom left corner of the window as shown on the screenshot

  1. After clicking the add a game button a small window will appear. There you need to click `Next` and `I agree` buttons.


  1. With the next window, You need to paste your activation code in to the blank space and click next! 


And Done! Your game is added to your account successfully! The Steam client will suggest to you if you want to download the game right away after activation.


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Safer Internet Day

ALLYOUPLAY invites you to join us celebrating Safer Internet Day, by providing you with some simple tips to stay safe while browsing and playing online.

We think about you and your security so we ask your 3 minutes to read this through.

Today’s internet is safer than ever but recent internet threats showcased that if we don’t do what is necessary, chances that our computer to serve like a zombie or having our personal information compromised gets fairly, fairly easy.

So here are some small tips to secure your info on the web:


Strengthen your account security


Take the Security Checkup

  • Change your password regularly. Whether your online data has been leaked or not, it's always a good idea to change your password every once in a while. This will prevent saved passwords abuse, limit guesswork activity success and prevent constant access to your accounts as some hackers may be accessing your account over time, monitoring you and your activity.

  • Do not use the same password. Always vary your passwords from place to place. If you use the same password everywhere, once one of your accounts gets hacked, all your other accounts will be at risk!

  • Create strong passwords. Creating a strong, unique password is one of the most critical steps you can take to protect your online accounts. You can do this by using a series of words that you will not forget but would be hard for others to guess. Or take a long sentence and build a password with the first letters of each word. To make it even stronger, make it at least eight characters long, because the longer your password, the stronger it is.

  • Use unique passwords for every account: Using the same password to log in to multiple accounts, like your Google Account, social media profiles, and retail websites, increases your security risk. It is like using the same key to lock your home, car and office – if someone gains access to one, all of them could be compromised. Creating a unique password for each account eliminates this risk and keeps your accounts more secure.

Avoid phishing attempts

  • Always validate suspicious URLs or links

  • Never click on questionable links.

  • Always double-check the URL to make sure you’re entering your data into a legitimate website or app.

  • Before submitting any information, make sure the site’s URL begins with “https.”

  • Watch out for impersonators

  • If someone you know emails you but the message seems odd, their account may have been hacked. Don’t reply to the message or click any links unless you can confirm the email is legitimate.

Look out for things for like:

  • Urgent requests for money

  • The person claiming to be stranded in another country

  • The person saying their phone was stolen and cannot be called

  • Be wary of requests for personal information

  • Don’t reply to suspicious emails, instant messages, or pop-up windows that ask for personal information, like passwords, bank account or credit card numbers, or even your birthday. Even if the message comes from a site you trust, like your bank, never click on the link or send a reply message. It is better to go directly to their website or app to log in to your account.


Remember, legitimate sites and services will not send messages requesting that you send passwords or financial information over email.


Beware of email scams, fake prizes, and gifts

Messages from strangers are always suspect, especially if they seem too good to be true – like declaring you have won something, offering prizes for completing a survey or promoting quick ways to make money. Never click suspicious links, and never enter personal information into questionable forms or surveys.


Double-check files before downloading

Some sophisticated phishing attacks can occur through infected documents and PDF attachments. If you come across a suspicious attachment, use Chrome or Google Drive to open and reduce the risk of infecting your device. If we detect a virus, we will show you a warning.


Use secure networks

Be careful about using public or free Wi-Fi, even those requiring a password. These networks may not be encrypted, so when you connect to a public network, anyone in the vicinity may be able to monitor your Internet activity, such as the websites you visit and the information you type into sites. If public or free Wi-Fi is your only option, the Chrome browser will let you know in the address bar if your connection to a site is secure. Even at home, protect the privacy and security of your browsing activity by making sure your Wi-Fi network is encrypted and by setting a strong password.


ALLYOUPLAY supports a Safer Internet

Here at ALLYOUPLAY, we take our customer's data security very seriously and we've been implementing some measures on our webstore to help prevent fraudulent behavior from happening. 

One of these measures is the requirement for your Paypal information to match your ALLYOUPLAY account information, for the order to be successfully completed. This requirement has been successfully preventing hundreds of fraudulent transactions from happening every day.

Responsible gaming


We love gaming as much as you do, but please, make sure you only spend a responsible amount of time playing your favorite games! Gaming should only be one of your hobbies, and should never interfere with other important things in your life like your social relationships, school or with your job.


If you find yourself constantly thinking and playing videogames, if it starts to substitute other activities in your life and/or if you're finding it hard to either quit or play less, these are all signs that you might be suffering from gaming disorder and we encourage you to seek for professional help or therapy before things get out of hand. Gaming disorder is a serious issue and should be treated like any other serious disorder!


Some simple tips to prevent yourself from getting a gaming problem are to set a time limit for your gaming sessions and to schedule/do other activities throughout your day, like exercising yourself.