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Dating back to the earliest days of video gaming, adventure is one of the oldest game genres and has managed to accumulate a significant number of fans since its emergence. The name of this genre is derived from the oldest adventure game example, created in 1970s: Colossal Cave Adventure. Initially, this ground breaking game was simply titled ‘Adventure,’ hence it became the name of this whole genre. 

Starting its journey on the video gaming environment with text based games, adventure genre has developed dramatically in the last few decades. Today, the adventure genre covers various subgenres including text adventures (also referred to as interactive fiction), visually stimulating graphic adventures, visual novels primarily known for their anime style, static graphics, exciting interactive movies where the player can control some of the movements of the main character and real-time 3D adventures that impress the player with their sleek and vivid graphics. 

Being one of the most purist video game genres, adventure games place a strong emphasis on the graphics and interface. Games that belong to this genre include very limited action and little to no reflex challenges. Instead, they require the player to solve puzzles, interact with the NPCs and environment in a non-confrontational way.

Below you can find the most popular adventure games and embark on a mesmerizing journey.